Rc Intelligent Robot Toy, Children's Favorite Toy

It is not uncommon to talk to children about robots in museums. Sometimes conversations are about science fiction or movie robots, but in my 14 years in the museum field, this has rc robot toys changed dramatically. It is not uncommon for a child to tell you that his or her robot is now. The children describe not the servant robots I dreamed of in the 1980s, but the task-driven robots they created in STEM courses or programs. It’s great that children can visit it these days. Low-cost components and computers allow more kids to explore STEM through robots.I have to admit that when I have these conversations from children to the elderly, I will be a little embarrassed. I think I can access the robot and the teacher who can teach the subject. Sometimes I want to say, "Look at the children, in my days, we don't have robots to play!" But this is not encouraging.

In my days there are some "robot" toys, such as the robot arm of Radio Shack, Big Trak and Verbot. Each of these toys has its own robotic life, but in most cases they are slow moving electromechanical devices. They are also very expensive and have no support network to help them go bankrupt. They simply can't touch or attract people. To my father's day, I was interested in radio remote control (RC) cars. I am not talking about the tethered "remote control car", which has rc construction toys a range of 12 inches and a top speed of 2 mph. I am interested in something unrestricted and fast. As a good father, my father took me to a hobby store to do some research. That's the time when the accessory sticker vibrates. I vividly remember the man who loves the store and asked what type of controller we wanted. What type of controller? Does it have one? Then there are other accessories you need, such as speed control, battery packs, battery chargers and tools to keep the car running. Prices have risen rapidly. Needless to say, my father and I compromised. The birthday of my birthday - I think I was turning 14 years old - he bought me a radio-controlled car robot.

When I was driving a car that was ready to use, my friend Mike had just got a Tamiya hornet. His car is a kit you built. This is "What accessories do you want?" Car type. Performance is not compared to my car. Mike can set the impact stiffness, replace the motor, use a different battery pack, and adjust his car's performance from the remote. After a lot of money saving and a long conversation with my father, I got my first rc ship toys remote control car. This is the Tamiya Falcon. The time to build the car was longer than I thought, but with the help of Mike, I finally got what I wanted - a beautiful remote control car. During the construction process, rc robot toys I learned about different types of nuts and bolts, how the resistors affect the current, how a group of C-unit nickel-cadmium batteries are connected in series to produce 7.2 volts, what is the servo motor, and how it differs. works.

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