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We all met photos of the gorgeous machines covered in dust, sitting there slowly decaying, waiting for the resurrection. These machines seem rc motorcycle toys to have an almost unbelievable supply, frankly it is a skeptical benefit, there are more than a few fakes. But this is not a position to destroy all hopes and dreams. These hopes and dreams are to find a glorious machine that longs for your touch. in contrast. A story full of hope, happiness and exquisite Indian cuisine.

Every few weeks, my whole family gets together and dine at our favorite local Indian restaurant. This tradition rc robot toys has lasted for most of 15 years. About 11 years ago, we started parking in the underground parking lot, which is where the love begins. I am 17 years old, I have not bought my first motorcycle, the blue S, as I said last week, the RC51 / SP is the bicycle on the door of my high school locker room. Obviously, I noticed the bike and then walked over to see. It's almost all in stock, except for a chopped rear fender and some dark Harbor Freight turn signals. To be honest, I won't put these on my rc motorcycle toys, it comes from HF. In the most common color schemes, this is a less than ideal SP1, but I like it. Every month I will take a look and even walk over. Every month there is more dust and more corrosion. It has just become part of the decoration a few years later. Even if I no longer give a fuck. Flashed until May of this year. I saw it leaning against the wall, away from the bracket, and then glanced over. Someone hit it against the wall, splitting the upper fairing and a headlight. This is my turning point. I am not going to waste this.

In fact it has a rather minor cosmetic flaw that can be expressed in 15 years of neglect, which is surprising. It is located in a completely unlocked, un-gated parking lot, or the parking lot that Americans might say, located in the center of the city. How can I not be stolen is something I can't master. So I left a note. I received a text message two weeks later. "Hey, have you left a note on my rc motorcycle rc trucks toys toys?" I won't get tired of the details, but I got a song. this is mine. Except for my first SV, I have never been excited like this, or emotionally attached to the purchase of rc motorcycle toys.

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